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Monday, November 20, 2006

Last bachelor weekend outing

I am not kidding when I say that my last weekend as a bachelor was spent with a few friends drinking juice...

Guess which one is mine...? 17, my favourite number!

What?!? Hmmm... No strip-o-gram (oh wait... this thing dun exist in Malaysia)? No wild parties? Zilch!

Anyway, the first place (yes, we went somewhere else after that) we went to was not really that fun. You can tell when they actually have a menu like this.

Ok, ok... They do have alcohol but it's nothing fancy except for the price

Wah, they limit the number of skyjuice (read: plain water) you can order per person. rm2 per glass? RO water or even battery water (distilled water) is cheaper la... The government should start looking into this and maybe put water as controlled item as well. Luckily there’s a happy hour rate for skyjuice (read the last sentence with an acidic tone)! Can someone buy me a ticket to Kuching so I can attend KennySia’s birthday bash instead? Heard they have freeflow of FREE drinks there...

But seriously, it is not the drinks that matters. It’s the people you hang out with. I had a good time with my friends, of course. Actually, nobody actually celebrates ‘last bachelor weekend’. It’s just an excuse to meet up with friends and have a good time, which we did. Thanks guys... You know who you are. :)

Anyway, I have a new ‘family member’. A colleague decided she’s had enough of her hamster and decided to give it away. She had bought three Winters for her kids but no one was really able to take care of them. Two of them died sometime ago. But I’m more than happy to have another mouth to feed.

Meet... Errr... I still have not given a name yet to the fella. Have forgotten to check if its a he or a she...

Eh, I’m camera shy la...! Dun take my photo la...

I’m so cute with my big, black eyes...

p/s: i had the Tequila Sunrise... or was it Sunset?!? (the one that is NOT served in the jam jar).

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On 11/21/2006 01:41:00 AM Blogger Jacquelyn said:
The hamster is soooo cute! XD
Take good care of that cutie :p
On 11/22/2006 08:47:00 AM Blogger adriantai said:
hamster cute coz got super cute owner ma... :)
On 11/24/2006 01:44:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
no worries...we will have a belated bachelor party... with the blessing of ah sou... and we will feed you more then juice ...hehehe.. (dun think dirty, we feed you magic cards la)
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