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Monday, November 06, 2006

Detour into Memory Alley

Unlike Memory Avenue and Memory Highway, the Memory Alley is a dark and scary place. I found some really scary stuff which I wrote many, many years ago. I have to say that I remember writing stuffs that are really better than these, but somehow, I only found these over the weekend when I continued with my room clean-up.

Oh yeah, the new bed and cupboard is here. I am so happy. Extra place to store my junks.


But I can't sleep on the bed yet. Must wait for the proper time to 'fix' the bed first... What?!? Click here and also here to find out about this tradition. I wonder who started this tradition anyway?!? :P

Well, here are some of the stuffs I found over the weekend...

Masterpiece #1
Do you wish...
Do you wish upon a star,
Do you wish that we won't have to be so far,
Do you wish every night,
Do you wish that someday, we will reunite,
Wishes are not only for the fools,
But also for the hopeful,
For life is dull without wishes,
Like an ocean without fishes.
(NOTE: This one still sounds quite decent)

Masterpiece #2
Weep does my eyes,
As love slowly dies
Shatter does my heart,
As we drift apart.

Happy were we at first.
Till the bubble began to burst,
Now all I can is only ask why,
And perhaps maybe even cry.

For no signs were shown,
When we were alone,
Then all of a sudden,
I was disheartened.

Strike while the iron's hot,
Is something I did not,
Now all I have is misery,
When I could have been extremely happy.

A chance I ask,
To accomplish an impossible task,
But try I must,
To make this love last.

Leave me not, is all I wish,
Listen I want, to the lovely 'Sheesh'
From you to me, a little dote,
And end this poem will, on a happy note.
NOTE: I believe this one was written to try and win back a girl after I said the wrong thing... She likes to use the word 'Sheesh'. Sounds like Yoda (click here and here if you just came back from a holiday cruise to Mars and want to know who's Yoda) doing poetry, eh?

Masterpiece #3
A ship, a kingdom, I have captured,
Towns and castles, I have invaded,
Kings and queents, I have met,
Little joy, little wonder, I had fret.

Lions and dragons, I fear not,
Orcs and ghouls, I have fought,
Vicious and cruel, I have been,
Elegant and gentle me? No one has seen,
Scary and dirty, I am mean.

Cast a spell, you seem to me,
On my hands and knees, trembling is what I next see,
Fill my heart and soul, you did,
Your love, your words is all I now heed.

Victim of your love, I am now,
Everything you ask, you command, I bow,
Run for shelter now, when I hear a thunder,
Yet, once I was a fearless plunderer.

Many now laugh and spit on me,
Utter I not; All for you, you see,
Coward! I am called by a few,
Humiliated, I care not; I just want you.

A companion, a love, I found in you,
Lose it is something I won't do,
Over my life, before I surrender,
This eternal love, I cherish and treasure forever.
Note: Imagine living in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. This is probably written by a barbarian turned bard. Hah!

Dean, now you believe me when I say I'm into poetry and can also do poetry? OK... OK... I'll stop doing poetry.

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On 11/06/2006 10:06:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Man... You can really write powderful stuff, and summore at that age! I bow to you la...

I wrote quite a lot myself but unfortunately I never kept any copies. All are lost along with my ex-es.

Only few songs remained, wrote with my old guitar, documented in scraps of paper, scattered all over the place...

You inspired me once again. I shall re-tune that guitar which I have not touched for the past 3 years...
On 11/07/2006 09:04:00 AM Blogger adriantai said:

i din know u wrote songs...!!! hmmm... boleh dendang utk i dengar ka?!? heh heh...
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