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Friday, October 20, 2006


I wonder...
The authorities will not hesitate to confiscate or tear down a illegally setup 'mamak' stall. The authorities will not think twice about demolishing illegally renovated or extended houses.
What will the authorities do if they find out about a four storey house (more like a palace) built without permit (illegal la)?

We live in a place and time where brutality and greed is a norm. We read in the papers everyday of deaths, kidnappings, murders, war, mass shooting. You name an evil and I am very sure it is reported in the papers somewhere...

So it is always a nice change, especially for me, when I get to read in the papers about heroes. Yesterday was one of those days. But unfortunately, it was a story without a happy ending.

The hero was non other than a Labrador Retriever and German Shepherd mix. From the newspaper reports, it seems that Jesse, the hero, had pulled her handicapped owner to safety. Before that, she had brought her owner's artificial leg and phone to allow her owner to escape and call for rescue. Jesse had already pulled her owner to safety when she heard her owner's cat cry from inside the burning home. Jesse then rushed back in to try and rescue the cat. However, shortly after going back in, the owner heard Jesse whine. Jesse never came out.

At a time when we read in papers of passerbys not lifting a finger to help snatch theft victims, it is truly wonderful (but sad) to be able to find such heroic act still existing.

I can only imagine the pain the owner had to go through at that time when she heard Jesse whine. I have a pet dog as well and sometimes when I play with her, I may accidentally step on her leg. She would let out a short cry. Or when she feels lonely, she would also whine and cry for attention... They can be really sad sounds.

Jesse was selfless and did not even care about her own safety when she went back to safe a cat. Jesse did not care that the cat was not one of its 'kind'. Jesse only knew that to help others was a good thing.

Princeton University defines humanity as having the quality of being humane (pertaining to or concerned with humanities). I would assume that both 'humanity' and 'humane' comes from the word 'human', which means something really 'good'.

Yet we see more humans behaving like one. We read of parents abandoning their newborn babies, torturing their child to death, etc... We hear of threats to wage war on one another. We see the polution we cause to the world.

But where is the human hero...?


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