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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Front page disappointments

This was on the main page of yesterday's The Sun.

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In the first place, yes, I too find the lucky draw to be a stupid idea when it was first announced! First of all, it is the citizen's responsibility to apply for the new MyKad. The government had already given us all ample time to change to the new MyKad. If there are those who are not interested, then just deport them or give them a RED one! Simple, right? Maybe the idea came about because the politicians thought it would make them look better when election time comes?!

Secondly, I think this is illegal la... It is a game of chance or luck. I thought government have a ruling on these type of contests?!? I remember reading somewhere that contests should involve skills and cannot just rely on luck - which is why contests in Malaysia usually require you to answer some really simple questions and then write a slogan (which requires a bit of skills).

Third of all, silly as it may be, once you start it, you cannot just simply end it and nullify it. I think that is not right and perhaps even illegal?! After all, if this can happen, what guarantee do we have that whatever promises the government have made NOW would not be broken come the next election? We're not even talking about different political parties here... The one who came up with the 'silly' idea and the one ending it comes from the same party!

"It's not even a Mercedes Benz or a Rolls Royce, but Myvi."
Does that mean Perodua Myvi is a lousy car? If so, it's still selling way better than Proton Savvy. And Mr. Minister... I don't ask for a Benz or a RR, as long as it's a FREE Myvi, I'm very happy. You give me a FREE one and see if I'll complain or not!

I really wonder who's being silly here?

There was also the bit about Rela's objective to detain 40 000 illegal immigrants. That's all we're targeting? We're not planning to detain and deport (I hope they have that in mind cause our jails are over-crowded and costing us too much) ALL ILLEGAL immigrants?!? Oh, maybe they want to leave some as one of year 2008's objectives?

I think it is time our ministers learn to think before they open that big hole on their face... I've seen one too many ministers saying really ridiculous stuffs on TV. If you're anything like me, you will definitely enjoy watching Samy Vellu and Lim Keng Yaik (wow... they have an entry on Wikipedia?!) on TV. They are hilarious!

But seriously, I didn't vote them party to be clowns on TV. Can I request for better candidates (from any party)?!? I'm really desperate here!

This is another bit of news on the main page that also got me really worked up!

Hello?! That's rm200million! And from Tabung Haji!!! If they really cared about their children and the "serious mental stress" their children would be suffering from, then why commit the crime in the first place? Perhaps they thought they could get lucky and get away with it? Maybe then, all their kids could study medicine!

Yes, I'm very annoyed and equally disappointed...

Links to the two news articles:
Ministries suffer withdrawal symptoms!
Judge allows stays of execution on duo due to their children's education


Please leave your comments. There are 5 comment(s).

On 2/16/2007 02:22:00 AM Anonymous meekiee said:
yes! I thought applying MyKad should be citizens' responsibility and why is all this contest and prizes!

I am thrilled to see it being called off! Otherwise it is another joke to crack aside pulling teh tarik in the space!

On 2/16/2007 09:05:00 AM Blogger adriantai said:
actually, i'm not so thrilled abt it. kinda disappointed it was called off... coz i was hoping to win the Myvi.

I remember reading somewhere at the time when the promotion started. a lot who had changed to the new Mykad said it was not fair if the 'contest' was only open to people who have not changed to the new one (in a way, rewarding the lazy bums who decided to wait till the very last minute), so it was decided that those who had changed to the new MyKad would have a chance to win was well...
On 2/16/2007 10:38:00 AM Blogger Taiko said:
The two blokes who committed graft were let off scot-free is another testament of corrupted governance in this country.

It could suggest that the crime might involve some 'higher officials'. Otherwise, how you think the two blokes would dare to touch RM200 million? It's a big amount of money for just two men. Just two men? NOOO...!
On 2/16/2007 02:23:00 PM Blogger Phenom said:
Wow... got such thing wan ah? Can defer sentence just because your son will get mental stress? So good I think we go rob some bank now... if get caught, we say that our future kids who has not been born will not be born if we undergo mental stress. Then again, if they were born, they might be deformed as a result of the mental stress. Hence, our sentence should be deferred until the sperm reach the ovum and a child is conceived. After that, it should be deferred further until the kid reaches 21. Then, if he got gf, we defer it further until his gf give birth, so that they have no stress. Let's go rob bank man...
On 2/16/2007 04:38:00 PM Blogger adriantai said:
you go and rob the bank la... if you get caught, just say hengtai will get mental stress if you go jail.

if you dun get caught, then we share the loot. that's what hengtais are for... :)

btw, dun think u can rob bank for rm1 million also la... even if its in rm100 notes, that's 10000pcs of paper... u think easy to carry around? and dun think banks really got that much cash anyway...

but back to the point... yes, i think this is stupid and very ridiculous. people who steal one milk powder from supermarket to feed their baby get jailed. this one for rm200million, gets away... like taiko says... maybe got something not so right somewhere...
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