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Friday, December 22, 2006

Senseless world

What have our world turned into?

I read an article last night in The Star's Metro section titled Dog loses jaw after cruel beating with this picture...

Joy, a little black dog, was found by a good samaritan with his lower jaw and tongue dangling. It seems he was beaten by a group of foreign workers for being 'haram'. It makes me wonder to what extend people are willing to go with their mis-guided beliefs. Misguided because according to a lecturer in Quran and Sunnah studies at the International Islamic University, he said that the Quran does not support violence against animals.

I guess sometimes little knowledge can be dangerous. No wonder there is a saying that ignorance is bliss. I have to agree, much better not to know than to half know and be mis-guided.

You can read more about Joy at remembersheena.blogspot.com and here as well. Anyway, Joy is getting better now. There is also a writeup about Joy at Care2.

Also this week, I received a forwarded email from a colleague warning me about a senseless motorcyclist going around bashing people's head with objects such as stones and bottles. As usual, before I forward the email to my friends, I always check to ensure that what is in the email is accurate. Since there was an email address, I decided to write to the author who is also a victim of the senseless attack.

She replied confirming that the email is not a hoax and she is recovering. She was bashed on the head recently with a huge stone but surprisingly, she was not robbed. The motorcyclist was not robbing her. And it seems the motorcyclist has been suspected of attacking several others in a similar manner all over Kuala Lumpur.

According to Sentul police chief Assistant Commissioner K. Kumaran, police cannot
see any motive for the attacks. "He doesn't rob them. He just likes to hit them and watch them fall."

You can read about this senseless attack here.

Do we have to start walking around wearing crash helmet? I guess logic is not something we can use when dealing with people these days...

But for Joy's case, we can all start to be more loving not just one another, but to animals as well. And hopefully the employer of the foreign workers can look into helping Joy and also to educate its employees.


Please leave your comments. There are 2 comment(s).

On 12/23/2006 11:46:00 AM Anonymous Taiko said:
It pains me looking at the picture. It still puzzles me why some humans can be so depraved.

I always have the thought of keeping all the stray animals in one place to better utilize their energy, intelligence and contributions to our societies. Unfortunately, I haven't develop on that idea.
On 12/25/2006 04:41:00 PM Blogger adriantai said:
eh... i have also thought of that idea, actually.

yes, we humans can be really puzzling and capable of so many good and bad things...
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