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Thursday, January 10, 2008

She died in my hands...

Another one of my pet hamster just died. :(

Like my car, the hamsters are also out on a record run of some sort... 3 hamsters in 3 months. Terter died in November. Terter's death marked the end of the first generation. We (my wife and I) had bought them back in 2005.

Black died last month. She was the one of the three that I consider as 2nd generation. In fact, Black, Chip and Popeye are the first batch of baby hamsters that was the result of Hamham and Terter.

I guess Terter lived long as a hamster. Her babies are getting old and dying. I have noticed that Chip and Popeye are getting weaker. They hardly play the wheel now and Chip can't really walk properly now.

The hamster that died last night had no name. My wife and I decided that she and two other siblings of hers would not be given names. We would just call them the three as they used to play, sleep and eat together. A few months back, we had to separate one of them as the other two were bullying and attacking that one.

The two continued to live and play together... Until last night.

I saw her lying motionless as I went about feeding them. I saw her lying motionless and quickly picked her up. Her sibling was just lying next to her. Her body was cold and she was not moving but she was still breathing. I tried to warm her and feed her some water. She refused the water. Her eyes slowly opened up a bit and she looked at me.

I have never really been able to hold the three of them as they have never liked being held. Each time I have them in my hands, they would move about and try to escape. This time, she is just lying there and looking back at me. It just feels different. It feels weird. I can tell it is just not her to be lying still... :~(

There was nothing much I could do... I could only keep her warm with some tissue and with my two hands... She was twitching every now and then... Then about 10 minutes later, she stopped breathing...

I never expected her to go so soon... After all, she is one of the last generation of hamsters. She was just barely 1 year old. I had planned to take the three of them and Lengchai (I doubt the other Chip and Popeye can last another 7 more months) to my new home in Setia Alam.

Ya, it is fun to have pets... But it is never fun when it is time to say goodbye...

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On 1/11/2008 12:37:00 AM OpenID blusher said:
Oh No! I'm so sorry for you. Yeah, I know how it feels when you lose a pet. That's why I'm thinking seriously whether to have a dog in the future or not. Cos the pain of losing it when it dies is too much to bear sometimes.
On 1/11/2008 08:01:00 PM Blogger adriantai said:
ya, i guess the pain at the end if inevitable. but i realised... we should not let the pain at the end deter us from showering love. so do get a pet dog! :)

my gerger was actually rescued. found her thru a fren i met on www.puppy.com.my...
On 1/13/2008 11:53:00 AM OpenID blusher said:
you are such an animal lover!!!
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