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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

High Tech Police?

Saw this on The Star Online yesterday...
News on The Star Online
This was featured on The Star Online

Eh... Several billion ringgit?! Hmmm... Is this a one time cost? Or just implementation cost? What about maintenance? Don't they need to send people for training? What about upgrades? And like all equipments, how long can these 'hand-held computers', scanners, 'image enhancers' last? Does that mean PDRM will need to 'refresh' the equipment every few years?

To be honest, I agree we should pump in more more money to beef up the PDRM. After all, my previous post (see A Scary World) highlighted some concerns I have regarding our country's state of security...

But forensic tools? Hello, these equipments are only useful AFTER a crime has been committed. Can't we spend more money on PREVENTING crime? Why not use the billions of ringgit to give the policemen an even better pay instead? Not enough policemen? I'm sure with rm1 billion, we can easily get lots of 'volunteers' from our neighboring countries. :)

Finger print scanners, etc are only useful if the criminals are in our database. With so many news of foreigners holding MyKad, I seriously wonder if having any prints but no database to match to will be a smart move.

Plus, I can just imagine this:
Senior police: Apasal you bagi pencuri tu lari? (Why did you let the thief get away?)
Junior police: Bukan saya sengaja mau, tuan... Tapi ni komputer, senapang, walkie-talkie... Berat sampai seluar saya nak jatuh semasa kejar (Not that I want to let him go, sir... But these hand-helds, gun, walkie-talkie is adding so much weight that my pants almost fell off when I was giving chase)
Senior police: ?!? Errr... Lain kali baling aje tu komputer kat pencuri... (Errr... Next time just throw the hand-held at the thief)


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On 10/03/2007 06:46:00 PM Anonymous Wayne Liew said:
I thought it was a great news but your post enlightened me and I had a good laugh over the mock conversation you posted.
On 10/17/2007 09:02:00 AM Blogger adriantai said:
well, i'm just sharing my opinion. i just thing its kinda waste to invest in too many tools. it becomes cumbersome. there's learning curve. there's maintenance. you need to buy/ replace equipment every few years...

i prefer if things are just kept simple.
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