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Friday, April 27, 2007

The last post...

I have been tagged by Michael. This is the 2nd time... :P

In case you're wondering when was the first one, don't worry... It's still in the making. I plan to do it... Still doing some research on the 'subject'.

Anyway, I am supposed to pretend that this is my last post... And tag 5 others. The 5 others are - Lonnie (OneManBandwidth), Pamie (Lady Apatheia), Vicky (Jotting The Lines), 25-kid (Phenom Blog) and anttyk (Anttyk Junk).

And here's my last post...

I never thought this day would really come so soon...

Government has issues an order to move everyone in Klang and Shah Alam to the highlands. The continuous rain for the past few days have not stopped. Weird weather have also been reported worldwide. News report mentioned of a few countries submerged in water now. This really reminds me of the movie The Day After Tomorrow.

This will be my last post as I get ready to leave for higher ground. We have been told to just take some clothings and our identification papers. We have been instructed to leave everything else behind, including my notebook.

No one is sure when the rain will stop... Or if the world will ever become 'normal' again. We have had our chance to fix the problem. Every year, scientists and environmentalist have highlighted the need for us to stop killing our planet. I remember years ago when Al Gore made a documentary about this. But everyone thought it was just a ploy for him to boost his reputation before he ran for presidency again.

If some how this post survives all this, I hope it will serve as a lesson to all... Never burn down the only home you have. We have been very bad tenants. We have never taken care of our home. And now... We're now being 'evicted' from our only home - Earth.

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