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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth day

The Earth Day flag
The Earth Day flag

Today is Earth Day. It is supposed to be a day where we actively promote awareness of environmental issues.

An Inconvenient Truth

I watched 'An Inconvenient Truth' about 2 weeks ago. The documentary is definitely a good start for those who are still not aware of the problems plaguing our planet. It tells us what is currently happening to the world and what potentially lies for us in the future if we continue to pollute our world.

Global warming. Rising sea levels. Extinction of species. But should we really care?

I mean, unless I'm living in The Netherlands or very close to the sea, otherwise, I'm quite safe should the sea level raise by another 10cm. Heck, if it goes up by even 1 meter, I am still quite safe if I am going to be living in a hilltop condominium.

Global warming? Living in Malaysia, I'm already used to the hot weather. And since I don't have that much hair all over, I can live with the extra heat. Plus, most of the time, I work in the office that is air-conditioned. So why should I care? Shopping complexes are mostly air-conditioned. My car is air-conditioned. So why should I care about rising temperature since it will not affect me?

Extinction of species. This is a laugh. Do you think I really miss NOT having the dinosaurs? I have not seen a real polar bear. And I don't think I actually see one in this lifetime. So should I really care if it goes extinct from this world? Natural Selection tells us that only the fittest will survive. So if polar bears are not fit, they don't deserve a place on OUR planet.

It is no wonder that the environmentalists are laughed at. They worry unnecessarily. They worry about what happens to other people and other creatures. I think that if it does not affect my directly and immediately, I'm not going to even bother about it.

So what if stupid turtle choke on the plastic bags I throw into the sea? So what if there's more carbon dioxide in the world? So what if there's too much sh1t in our water? Singapore doing fine recycling urine into drinking water anyway. I seriously can't think of reasons why I should even care about the world or our environment. And so what if we cut down all the trees in the world? Trees grow back. That's what they do!

I know people who exercise regularly, take lots of vegetables, supplements and fruits and practice a wholesome life just to end up diagnosed with cancer and die 5 years later. I know of chain smokers who have smoked all their life and live till 80 and still not have cancer.

I can see why America and Australia has not ratified the Kyoto Protocol. America is the single biggest contributor of carbon dioxide to date but they could not be bothered about the greenhouse effect. I can see why.

The American president is smart. The Americans and Australians are really smart people. They know that all the disasters that environmentalists claim will happen if we do not reduce carbon dioxide emission will probably only occur in the next 50 years or so. If that is the case, why bother? Most of the people making decision RIGHT NOW won't live another 50 years anyway. Those who will still be around in 50 years time can't do much yet (legally, they can't vote the president away).

I think we should all ask ourselves, "What is in it for me right now?"

Don't give me the crap about our future generations. I will not be around in another 50 years time (if I am, I guess I will just suffer for a short while). Even if I live another 100 years, what can the future generations do to me? Maim me? Hang me? Nothing! And if this is the case, why should I stop making more money at the expense of the environment? Why should I stop my car engine while waiting for my wife? If I can afford my electricity bills, why should I bother to turn off the lights and the air-conditioner? And you seriously think any of the future generations are also going to be bothered about the environment?

You can call me selfish. You can call me greedy. You can label the Americans and the Australians as selfish and greedy as well. But we're the smart ones. We're the one enjoying ourselves right now because we know 50 years from now, we wont' be around. While you go cycling under the hot sun, we'll be driving around in our air-conditioned, petrol guzzling car.

While I'm still around in this planet, I wanna enjoy everything. So what if the planet dies in another 50 years time? Most of us will die by then anyway...

So lets celebrate Earth Day by decorating and beautifying out planet.Turn on ALL our lights for 24 hours. Show what our planet is capable of. Light up the forest and make a huge fire so we can shine as brightly as the sun. Earth is NUMBER 1!!!! Let us all declare it a public holiday and take the day to go driving around town and get caught in the jam. So what? We're in an air-conditioned car!

Note: I hope you are SMART enough to realise the above is written on a sarcastic note. Apologies to my American and Australian friends - I know many of you are just as concerned about our one and only home - Earth.

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Please leave your comments. There are 7 comment(s).

On 4/24/2007 12:51:00 PM Blogger LJP said:
Luckily Australians are fond of sarcasm!! ;)
On 4/24/2007 10:51:00 PM Blogger Dean Arif said:
Actually you're right... Look around us, do people actually care? *tsk tsk* sad, sad... At least we do our part as best as we can...
On 4/26/2007 01:06:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Halfway through reading your entry... I almost wanted to fly home and *really* maim you... -_-

I can't believe how long it took An Inconvenient Truth to be aired in Malaysia! And I still can't believe Al Gore lost the elections but then again, his daddy wasn't former president of the u.s. heh

Oh well, my cry for injustice isn't always heard.

On 4/26/2007 04:24:00 PM Blogger Taiko said:
Well... I only care for my wallet, my life and my family.

So, I'm gonna SAVE instead of wasting. I'm turning my house GREEN by planting trees. I'm gonna buy products are not bad for environment and thus good for HEALTH.

Hmm... by just doing my part I think I'm doing A LOT for the surrounding and if everyone think that way things will change for the better for sure.
On 4/26/2007 04:50:00 PM Blogger adriantai said:
yup, we don't really need to change others... only ourselves.

i have my green planned all mapped out and expect to go full gear by 2008. will share what i have done as we go along.

pamie... that easy to get you home to Malaysia? hahaha...

i dun think it was the daddy thingy. more like macho thingy of going to war... "we're #1... we're amer..."


no prize for guessing who's #1 exporter of weapons. without war, there's no $$$...
On 4/26/2007 04:54:00 PM Blogger adriantai said:
oh ya... i watched it at home... generic copy. the way i figure, since $$$ for ticket does not go to saving our planet, no difference. :)

but yes, as usual, movies take a long, long time to arrive here. officially started screening only sometime mid-march.
On 4/28/2007 11:04:00 AM Blogger Phenom said:
Wow... thats deep... I am shallow... so I'd go about my resolution of not stepping on grass, not purchasing weapons of mass destruction from amer#1 and eating more meat and less vege... oh wait, that does reduce the greens rite? hehehe..
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